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Trade Hub

Trade Hub is a user friendly creative theme for all kind of business, accounting, financial, coaching, law office, business planning, corporate websites and blogging. It’s simple to configure the homepage setting using Theme Customizer. The theme comes with flexible features, clean coding, documentation and dedicated support team to solve your confusion while building professional website.

How to Upload Demo content

This theme instruction for both free version and pro version

Find Pro demo content here

1.Go to dashboard
Tools -> Import

2. Install WordPress (Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.)

3. Run Importer

4. upload Downloaded xml file.
5 submit

1, Theme Installation

After downloaded free theme/ purchased, you can choose either of the approaches given below to install your theme.

1.1.Approach I : From your admin dashboard
  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  3. Select Add New.
  4. Then select Upload Theme.
  5. Click Browse Locate trade-hub.zip  Theme in your computer.
  6. Select trade-hub.zip and click Install Now.
    1.2.Approach II : Upload and install theme through FTP client

    You can use FTP client like FileZilla to connect your web server.

    1. Unzip trade-hub.zip to your Desktop.
    2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to /wp-content/themes/ and upload your new copy of Clean-biz Theme.
    3. Now, log into the WordPress Dashboard with your login details.
    4. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
    5. You will see the theme in the list.
    6. Then click Activate button.
    7. Now the theme will be activate and go through the following options to set up the theme step wise.( Hint: We assume we are in “Customize” section for whole theme customization part i.e. Appearance > Customize.)



2. Manage Site Title, Tagline and Site Icon

From “Customize” section, go to Site Identity.
1. From Site Identity, you will be able to add various options related to site identity

3. Home Page Setup?

Please create and publish new page for example Home page,

Please navigate to “Customize => Static Front Page” in Appearance. Then set a page (e.g. Front Page) as “Front page” and another page (e.g. Blog) as “Posts page” and save your settings.

How to Hide Front Page Content in Home Page?

Form Customize > Theme Option > Layout Options

Uncheck Layout options in Front Page


4. Font Setting

1.From “Customize” section, go to Font Setting.
2. From Font Setting, you will be able to change font families of different sections.



5. Colors

1. From “Customize” section, go to Colors.
2. From Colors, you will be able to change colors.

In free version there are some limited color options

6. Menu

a) From Customize section, go to Menus.
b) From Menus, click “Add a menu” button and you will be able to create a menu.
c) Assign Menu location to the created menu.

7. Home page sections

Some major Home page section are as follows:

i.Top Nav Section (premium feature)






vii.Our Mission (premium feature)

viii.Our Team Expert (premium feature)



i.Top Nav Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage ▸ Top Nav Section 

Enable Top Nav.

ii. Slider

Create new pages for slider and add image from featured image.

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Feature-Slider
  • Select pages for slider

iii. Features

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage ▸ Our-Feature


For Icon check here
for example
  • fa fa-desktop
  • fa-file-text-o
  • fa fa-child
  • fa fa-star-o
  • fa fa-comments

In free version, only three page selection option are available in feature option.
in Pro version, six feature options are available

iv. About Us

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage ▸ About-Us
  • Enable About Us
  • Select Number Of words
  • Select Page
  • Button Text

v. Our Service

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Our-Service
  • Select Number Of Words
  • Title Text
  • First Title Text
  • First-Sub-Title Text and so on.

vi, Testimonial

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage  Testimonial
  • Enable Testimonial
  • Title Text
  • Select Number Of Words
  • Select Page For testimonial Section. (You can choose 6 pages in pro version)


vii. Our Mission

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage  Our Mission
  • Enable Our Mission Section.
  • Number of Single Words
  • Select pages

viii.Team Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Our Team Expert
  • Enable Our Team
  • Select number of words
  • Select Page For Our Team

ix. Call-To-Action Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage  Call-To-Action
  • Enable Call to Action
  • Call Action Text
  • Button Text
  • Button Url

x. News and updates

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Latest-News
  • Enable Latest News
  • Add Title Text
  • Select Number 0f Words
  • Select Category for news

8. Layout Options

  • Layout Options
  • Breadcrumb Options
  • Back to Top Options
  • Footer Options
Customizing ▸ Theme Options Layout Options

. : If you disable this the static page will be disappera form the home page and other section from customizer will reamin as it is

Default Layout
Three default page layout are available

i. Content-primary-sidebar

ii.Primary sidebar-content
iii.No sidebar


Footer text: Theme: Trade Hub by eVisionThemes

This text can be hide by disable and available in pro version only.

Number of footer widget available is 3.

Also you can disable footer sidebar area