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Best Magazine WordPress Theme

1. Introduction

OnlineMag, A free magazine theme that has a beautiful design to help you start a professional looking news website. It can be used for any magazine niche such as tech, politics, sports, games, fashion, etc. With the available features you can optimize your website through clicks only and won’t have to write any code. The theme has responsive design, so, the contents of your website will look elegant on any device.

Download Demo Content from here
For demo: http://demo.evisionthemes.com/onlinemag

2.Theme Installation

2.1.From your admin dashboard

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes.
  3. Select ‘Add New’.
  4. Then select ‘Upload Theme’.
  5. Click ‘Browse’ and Locate ‘onlinemag.zip’ Theme in your computer.
  6. Select ‘onlinemag.zip’ and click ‘Install Now’.

2.2.Using FTP

You can use FTP client like FileZilla to connect your web server.

  1. Unzip onlinemag.zip to your Desktop.
  2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to wp-content > themes and upload your new copy of your onlinemag theme.
  3. Now, log into the WordPress Dashboard with your login details.
  4. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  5. You will see the theme in the list.
  6. Then click Activate button.

The theme will now be activated.

3. Setting Magazine Homepage

– Adding a magazine homepage.

  • Create a new page by going to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Give the page a name whatever you want. eg : Home Page Then, go to Customize > Static Front Page > A static page
    After created home page
  •  Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the “A Static Page” option which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
  • Then Select the page that you created earlier from the “Front Page” drop down . eg: home page

    To remove Page title in front page like screenshot
    Go to Dashboard,
    Customize > Thene Options > Layout Options > Enable Static Front Page
    and unclick

4. Header Section Settings

Top Header Settings
Enable/ Disable News Ticker option
Enable/ Disable Search option
Enable/ Disable Date option

Go to Apperance > Customize > Header Section Settings > Top Header settings

-Header Banner Advertising

Go to Apperance > Customize > Header Section Settings > Header Banner Advertising

5. Setting Logo, Site Title, Tagline

Dashboard Customize > Site Identity

6. Main Slider

  • Create a new category by going to Posts > Category

    Create posts and choose respective created Category

and then Go to
Appearance > Customize > Main Slider

Note*: If you choose Number of slider 4, then 4 sliders will appears in main slider and rest four will appears in side section.

7. Blog Options

Create a Categories by going to Posts > Categories in the WordPress Dashboard

Go to Appearance > Customize >Home Blog Options
i) Enable Blog Section
ii) Choose any one category  in each Blog section

8. Widgets


There are 7  widgets bundled with the Premium Version

1.OnlineMag Instagram Full Width Widget

2.OnlineMag Widget Grid Style 1

3.OnlineMag Widget Grid Style 2

4.OnlinrMag Widget Full Col

5.OnlineMag Widget Listing col

6.OnlineMag Widget Tab Sidebar

7. Footer Full widget

In Free Version only Four widgets are available
1. OnlineMag Widget Grid Style 1
2. OnlinrMag Widget Full Col
3.OnlineMag Widget Listing col
4. OnlineMag Widget Tab Sidebar

9.Custom Main Menu

Custom Main Menu

  • Go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the edit menus tab click on the “create new menu” link.
  • Give a Menu Name and click button “create menu”.  For example if you are planing to use this as main menu type “Main Menu”
  • Then you can choose/create the links from the tabs (Pages/Posts/Custom Links/Categories) which are in the left hand side of the screen.
  • After Creating the menu select the Theme Location of the menu.(It’s under the Menu Settings which is in the bottom of the page. ) Select where you want to show this menu. Theme has three menu locations. ( Main Menu, Top Menu, Social Media Menu )
  • Finally Click Save.Social Media Menu.
    It is very easy to add a social media menu to your site top bar with OnlineMag theme. Adding a social media menu is same as adding other menus as described above. Use custom links to add social media links ( eg: https://facebook.com/evisionthemes ) and select the menu location as “Social Menu”

10. Font Setting

Go to Dashboard > Customize > Font Setting

11. Footer Options

Go to Dashboard > Customize >Theme options >Footer Options