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Edu Light


Edu Light is a clean and fully responsive WordPress Theme that suits for any schools, collages and university website. It has fully customizable and flexible features using theme customizer so that you can integrate this theme for other sort of businesses. This theme contains multiple sections like Top Header, Featured Slider, About Us Section, Services, Call To Action, Testimonials, Latest News & Articles etc. In order to build a professional and catchy website within a few minutes, you can use “One Click Demo” plugin for importing sample data which is the most useful features for non-tec savy people. Edu light uses clean and SEO friendly coding including HTML5 , CSS 3, Google Fonts, Bootstrap framework.The theme is also translation ready. If you’re looking for a ready made theme for online education, this theme is a good place to start. Support: https://evisionthemes.com/supports Preview: https://demo.evisionthemes.com/edu-light

Theme installation

1.1 Through Dashboard (Easy)

  1. Go to Appearance -> Themes.
  2. Click on Install Themes at the top.
  3. Click on Upload tab
  4. Upload “edu-light.zip” archive file via web interface
  5. Activate newly installed theme1.2 Manual Installation using FTP (Advanced)
    • Click on Download button to download theme on your Desktop.
    • Unzip edu-light.zip on your Desktop. You should get folder called “edu-light”
    • Access your host web server using your favorite FTP client.
    • Navigate to /wp-content/themes/ and  upload  entire “edu-light” folder.
    • Now open WP Dashboard and go to Appearance -> Themes and activate Edu Light theme from there.

How to set Static Front Page?

1. From Customize section, go to Static Front Page.
2. From Static Front Page, you will be able to set any page as A Static Page and you will find your latest posts page option as well.



Updating Theme Using FTP

Layout Options

Customizing ▸ Theme Options ▸ Layout Options

Disable “Enable Static Front Page” option
>If you disable this the static page will be disappera form the home page and other section from customizer will reamins as it is


Site Identity

How to change Site Title?

  1. From “Customize” section, go to “Site Identity” option.
  2. Put the site title in the text-box there.
  3. If the preview is fine, click on “Save & Publish” to keep that text as the site title.

How to change Tagline?

  1. From “Customize” section, go to “Site Identity” option.
  2. Put site tagline in the text-box.
  3. If the preview is fine, click on “Save & Publish” to keep that text as the tagline.

How to change Site Icon?

  1. From “Customize” section, go to “Site Identity” option.
  2. Select the site icon available on media library or upload from other location.
  3. If the preview is fine, click on “Save & Publish” to keep recently uploaded/selected icon as site icon.

Note: Your theme recommends square site icon, and at least 512px wide and tall.


Customizing   Colors

There are many color options available in free and pro version.

Background Image

Customizing ▸  Background Image
  • Select the color for site background.
  • If the preview is fine, click on “Save & Publish” to apply recently uploaded/selected background color.



The theme supports 4 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.
You can edit your menu content on the Menus screen in the Appearance section.

From “Customize” section, go to “Menus-> Menu Locations” section.
  1. Select the menu for Primary menu. Primary menu appears as a main menu in header section.
  2. Select the menu for Footer menu. Footer menu appears on the footer section.
  3. Choose the Social menu, which shows the social links title as a menu.
  4. Choose the Quick Links menu, which shows the custom links title as a menu.
  5. Select the menu for 404. This menu appears on 404 page.
  6. If preview looks fine, save the changes by clicking on “Save and publish” button.

Home Page Sections

There are several sections available in home page

1. Top Header Section
2. Slider Section
3. About Us Section
4. Featured Section
5. Call to action section
6. Service Section
7. Testimonial Section
8. Latest News Section

Top Header Information section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Top-Header-Section
  • and add required information which you need.



Slider Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage ▸ Feature-Slider-Section

Create new pages for slider.

  • Select page for slide
  • Add/Edit Button Text.



About Us- Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage ▸ About-US-Section
  • Enable About Us
  • Text Area For Sub-Title
  • Select Page For About-Us
  • Add/Edit Button Text

Featured Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage ▸ Feature-Section
  • Enable Section
  • Add Title Text
  • Select Page For Feature section
  • Choose font icon from here
  • Add/Edit Button Text

Call To Action Section

Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Call-To-Action-Section


  • Enable Section
  • Add Title Text
  • Select Page For  section
  • Add/Edit Button Text etc



Service Section

 Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage   Service-Section
  • Enable Section
  • Add Title Text
  • Choose font icon from here
  • Select Page For  section
  • Add/Edit Button Text etc


Customizing ▸ Main-HomePage Testimonial-Section
  • Enable Section
  • Add Main Title Text
  • Add/Edit Background Image
  • Select Page For  section
  • Add/Edit Button Text etc..

Latest Blog

Customizing ▸ Main HomePage Latest News Section
  • Enable Section
  • Add Main Title Text
  • Select category for this section.


Customizing ▸ Theme Options  Footer Options
  • Enable/Disable Footer section
  • Choose Number of footer Area
  • Add/Edit Footer Text

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