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1.Theme Installation

After you purchase and download your theme from eVision themes, you can choose either of the approaches given below to install your theme:

1.1 From your admin dashboard.

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  3. Select Add New.
  4. Then, select Upload Theme.
  5. Click Browse. Locate chrimbo.zip theme in your computer.
  6. Select chrimbo.zip and click Install Now.

1.2 Upload and install theme through FTP client

You can use FTP client like FileZilla to connect your web server.

  1. Unzip chrimbo.zip to your Desktop.
  2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to /wp-content/themes/ and upload your new copy of chrimbo theme.
  3. Now, log into the WordPress Dashboard with your login details.
  4. Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  5. You will see the theme in the list.
  6. Then, click Activate button.
  7. Now, the theme will be activated and go through the following options to set up the theme step wise.

2. How to set Homepage setting?

Note: All the custom sections of homepage will only be visible on Homepage setting once you set a page for the Front Page option.

1. From Customize section, go to Homepage Setting.
2. From Homepage Setting, you will be able to set a page as Front Page and you will find Post Page option as well.

From Front Page : you can set any page as Homepage .

From Post Page : you can set any page as Latest Post.

3. How to manage Site Title, Logo, Tagline and Site Icon?

1. From Customize section, go to Site Identity.
2. From Site Identity, you will be able to add various options related to site identity like:

    • Logo( Only available in WordPress version greater than or equal to 4.5 ): It changes the main logo of the site.
    • Site Title : It changes the main site title of the site.
    • Tagline : It changes the tagline (i.e:Description) of the site.Just below site title.
    • Display Site Title and Tagline: This enables/disables the site title and tagline from the site

4. How to manage Colors?

1. From Customize section, go to Colors.
2. From Colors, you will have these options:

  • Background Color
  • Site Identity Color
  • Primary Color

5. How to manage Background Image?

1. From Customize section, go to Background Image.
2. From Background Image, you will see:

Background Image:

    •  This will change the background image for the entire site.

6. How to setup front page as shown in the demo?

The demo of the front page can be divided into different sections as shown below.

  1. Site Title & Tagline, Navigation Menu Section
  2. Banner Section
  3. Main Event Section
  4. About Section
  5. Single Button Section
  6. News and Activity  Section
  7. Call to Action Section
  8. Theme Options

7. Banner Section

1. From Customize section, go to Main Banner Section.
2. Enable Section
3. You can also enable second option for snowfall effect.
3  Add title, its descriptions and image.


8, Event Section

1. From Customize section, go to Main Banner Section.
2. Enable Section
3. you can add information about Event.

9. About Section

1. From Customize section, go to About Event Options
2. Enable Section.
3. and select page for this section.
4. Add/Edit button text.

10. Book Event Button Section

1. From Customize section, go to About Event Options
2. Enable Section.
3. You can add url there.

11. News and Activities

1. From Customize section, go to News Activity Options
2. Enable Section.
3. Select pages

12. Call To Action

1. From Customize section, go to Call to action Options
2. Enable Section.
2. Select Option: where you can select page.
3. Setting option: where you can limit text, edit button text and its url.

14. Theme Options

1. From Customize section, go to Theme Options
2. Layout Option: Where default banner image will appear
and also default Layout for all archives, single posts and pages.